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NEW ADDRESS as of July 2/22

District Studios - Beltline

#210, 927 10th Ave SW

Calgary, AB 






Tues and Thur 11am-7pm

Wed and Fri  10am-6pm

Saturday 10am -5pm





How to access underground parking, watch video below. There are 14 FREE stalls available for District Studios. If there are no available District stalls you can park in a non-reserved vacant stall for a fee, approximately $2.60/hr. You will need to download the "hangTag" app and set up an account with a credit card. 


There is also an Indigo parking lot across the street on 10th ave (LOT 265 - 999 building) you can download the app "Park Indigo" and set up an account or pay at the meter. Approximately $5.55 - 3.45/hr depending on the time of day. 


2 hour street parking with Calgary Parking Authority is also available with the "MyParking" app. 

(video loops)

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