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- Washed and detangled within the last 24 hrs. 

- Down and not pulled up in anyway since your last wash.

- Fully dry. A regular amount of products is ok, but no heavy butters or oils.

- Big transformations may not be obtainable. Please manage exceptions.

- If you are receiving colour you will be washed but drying time will be limited. 

- Product recommendations and education will still be included.

- Refreshing education will be provided and demonstrated if needed.


With businesses operating at a 50% decreased capacity for everyones safety, we are all forced to make some hard decisions. There will NOT be a decrease in prices and our recent price changes will still apply. Please refer to SERVICES for more information on prices.  We understand that this may not suit some peoples needs, budgets or and expectations, if so please call and cancel any existing appointments ASAP.

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