In regards to COVID-19, we have implemented new protocols guided by the Alberta Government to ensure all of our safety. Please keep in mind that these changes not only protect your safety but the staff at Honey Salon. If you do not agree to or abide by our new protocols all services will be denied.


Thank you for taking the time to help us keep the salon safe for everyone.


**DUE TO NEW PROTOCOLS AND THE LIMITATIONS THAT HAVE BEEN PLACED ON SALONS, WE HAVE INCREASED ALL SERVICES BY $20.  PLEASE REFER TO OUR PRICE LIST FOR MORE INFO.** We understand that this may not be a good time to be increasing prices but due to the extra supplies and limitations required of us to operate safely it is what we need to do to remain sustainable. If this no longer fits your budget please call and cancel your appointment.



- Wash/Style for all haircuts have been eliminated. Please refer to the Booking Updates page for more information. 


- All clients must take the self-assessment at before their appointment. If you have cold-like symptoms such as cough, fever, runny nose, sore throat, or shortness of breath DO NOT come into the salon and call and cancel your appointment.

-  Arrive only 5 mins before your appointment and by yourself. We are operating at a strict limited capacity. Our waiting area is very limited.

- Please come wearing a mask. DO NOT wear one that ties around the whole head as it will get in the way of your service. We know that masks are limited and we will try and have disposable ones available for clients but can not guarantee the availability. WEARING A MASK GREATLY INCREASES THE SAFETY OF YOUR STYLIST AND OTHER CLIENTS.

- Come with your hair washed and properly detangled as time is limited. No ponytails or pulled back in anyway. We cut all curls dry and if your hair is not in its curly down detangled natural state your stylist may not have time for your service.

- FRONT DOOR ACCESS ONLY. There will be hand sanitizer available when you arrive. If you arrive and the door is locked we are at capacity and someone will greet you shortly.

- When in the Salon please be respectful of others and remain 6 feet apart when at all possible.


-Limit use of washroom if possible, hand sanitizer will be available at all stations.


-No food or beverages allowed. Please limit the amount of things you bring with you. All magazines and beverages have been removed from the salon.


-Remove all gloves before entering the Salon for the safety of our staff and proceed to the washroom and wash your hands or use the hand sanitizer provided.

-Keep in mind that do to the limited capacity your stylist is working on a strict timeline and although we have booked off extra time for all services some exceptions may not be met.  Eg. wash and style, color corrections, big transformations.

-Coming prepared with any future appointments you are interested in booking will help eliminate congestion at reception. 

-All products will be available for purchase but have been removed from retail areas.

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